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Rolf R. Hainich studied electrical engineering and physics and received his degree from the Technical University of Berlin. His career covers academic and industrial R&D (real time computer networking and processing, media technology, optics, and sensors). He was chief consultant in public R&D funding programs, engaged in venture capital, supervised several high tech companies. He has always been interested in human perception, communication and evolution. Beginning in the early 90's, he developed ideas on augmented reality, including the initiation of an international conference in 1994. 2006 he published his book on AR, "The End of Hardware" (3rd edition 2009). Current research interests also are the foundations of physics, quantum and information theory.

Oliver Bimber is Professor of Computer Science at the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz, Austria. He became the head of the JKU's Institute of Computer Graphics in October 2009. From 2003-2010 he served as a Junior Professor of Augmented Reality at the Media System Science Department of Bauhaus-University Weimar. He received a Ph.D. (2002) in Engineering from Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany, and a Habilitation degree (2007) in Computer Science (Informatik) at Munich University of Technology. Bimber co-authored the book "Spatial Augmented Reality" with Ramesh Raskar (MIT). His research interests include visual computing, real-time rendering and visualization, computer vision, image analysis and processing, optics, and human visual perception in the context of next-generation display and imaging technologies. More information:

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